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It’s all in the details with food photography. What better way to make your audience want to slake their thirst and drool with helpless anticipation than to show a tall, frosty dessert glass glistening with beads of water, or a delectable, sinful dessert topped with a dollop of whipped cream? A good food photograph can show off fresh fruits glistening with a sugary glaze, soft folds of heavy creams and mousses, the pure white of a layered wedding cake, and the deep colors of chocolates and confections. We love to play up the decadence of well-crafted alcoholic beverages and rich desserts, inviting the casual browser and food enthusiasts alike to indulge in a little something extra to sweeten up their day.

Dessert photos are some of the most popluar food images on social media. People to love to look at delicious and colorful desserts. If your restaurant has an amazing selection of desserts or perhaps even a pastry chef, then you must feed your customers and potential customers with images that will get them excited to come in and try these.




Particularly for supermarket packaging photography hot or cold desserts need a team of specialists. The image on the box in the supermarket needs to look the most perfect that product can be while still looking representative.


It is notoriously difficult to capture dessert in a way that is befitting of it’s beauty whilst maintaining a realistic and authentic appearance.


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The Solutions For Your Project

Tell us about the type of Food images you need and let our ability create them. When need it,we will provide food styling suggestions for the Food photo shoot. Our services includes unbelievable Food photo retouching and Food airbrushing services. At our Food Photography Studio we deliver all our images on cd but in printable and web formats so that you can have copies made whenever you need them. You receive usage and reprint rights of your Food photographs for your personal or commercial use.




Digital Retouch

Like drink photography, dessert photography also requires specialized lighting techniques. Ice cream is shot in a much different way then chocolate cake or flan. Desserts have an assortment of soft, shinny or course textures and therefor must be lit and shot each in a unique and creative way.

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