About Us – The Sparkling Wedding Photographers Team

  The Sparkling Wedding  was established in 2015 and categorized among one of the best wedding photography websites in Kolkata, India. We, a group of Kolkata wedding photographers established The Sparkling Wedding with the aim of providing all clients with the very best documentary photography and exceptional customer service. our multi-award winning wedding photographs have been published around the world and continue to receive worldwide acclaim.

The professional photographer website of The Sparkling Wedding provides complete combo of Wedding Photography Packages with creative & candid, documentary photography. Our professional and expert photographers in Kolkata fairly mixes photojournalism with fine art approach from some of the best photography schools.
We are a team of 
affordable wedding photographers, illustrators,cg artists,vfx & compositing artists,animators & digital painters. Ig you want to explore our trusted and highly-vetted artists in your location and beyond to find the Creative Wedding Photographers in India who seem to fit in your style, then don’t miss our team of top photographers in Kolkata and our gorgeous Wedding Photo Gallery.We want to add just a little bit more to your happiness, and celebration. 

Based in Kolkata,we have covered many weddings for clients from all walks of life and have travelled the length and breadth of the India and into UAE with our work and everywhere in between. If your wedding photographs are as important to you as they are to us, then please Contact Us to explore our wedding photography packages. We would love to hear from you.

For us, candid wedding photography is not all about glitz and glamour; it is as simple as portraying life in simple to gorgeous form, the way it appears.